Infrastructure Works

2.4 billion dollars

are making their way into South Carolina infrastructure through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Now is the time to be present, active, and vocal with legislators. Now is the time to act.


As leaders of the industry, it’s our duty to provide thought leadership on South Carolina’s infrastructure and how it affects South Carolinians. Stay in the know. Read our published op-eds here.


ACEC-SC stands by you. Through in-session and off-season lobbying, we work hard tracking, creating, and advocating for legislation benefitting our industry. See what bills we’re tracking here.

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PAC donations are essential in creating face-to-face conversations with our legislators and Congressional Delegation. We need your help ensuring our positive momentum continues in the coming year. Donate today.


Tackling Important Issues At The Forefront Of Infrastructure Advancement

It takes one piece of legislature to alter the course of an industry in our state. That’s why ACEC-SC fights everyday to protect the best business interests of engineering firms in South Carolina. We work hard for you because you work hard to make our state a better, safer, and more connected place.

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You Always Have A Place With Us

With almost 25,000 engineering firms in the U.S., it can be nearly impossible to be heard as an individual company. But we’ve changed the game. Be heard. Be present. Be an ACEC-SC member.

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